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Other Services

 1. Factory Unlock Iphone & Samsung (un-available).

 2. International Prepaid Phone:

       - V247 (Ong Ngan)

       - DNA (Ong Nam Loc)

       - Omely (Ong Viet Thao)

 3. Saving money Gas & Electric monthly on PG&E (Ambit Inc.).

 4. Photos on DVD player.

 5. Tapes/VHS to DVD player.

 6. Apps and Software for PC, Laptop, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod.etc

 7. Send money to Vietnam.

 8. Sell CDs, DVDs learn English, Computer.

Computer Services

@ Computer Maintenance and Tune-ups

@ Hardware/Software Upgrade and Installation

@ Troubleshooting

@ Data Recovery

@ DVD/CD MP3 Music Collections (15 songs - 250 songs)

Training - Support

@ Basic Computer Skills

@ Basic Internet Skills (Email, Chat, Webcam, Voice).

@ Shopping Assistant: If you need help with buying a new computer. we can help you to find the right one for you at a right price nowadays.

Networking Services

@ Wired/Wireless networking installation and configuration

@ Internet/Network Connection Troubleshooting

@ Data Management, Back-up, and Recovery

@ Virus and Spyware Removal

@ System Configuration

Design - Graphic

@ Websites: Personal, Store Online & Business.

@ Business Card and Logo

@ Site Redesign and Maintenance

@ Online Storage

@ Photo Editor

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